Heger-eu s.r.o. develops and manufactures the state-of-the-art charging stations for any electric vehicle. Our units are manufactured from high quality components, tested and certified by renowned European car manufacturers. The chargers can be connected to a network like evmapa either by using an Ethernet connection or an LTE modem with a SIM card from any operator. For home or corporate clients it’s possible to connect to a local computer, to see full detail of the fees and operational cost of each vehicle. The open concept allows any combination based on the individual needs of each operator.

HEVN line of products

Heger-eu s.r.o. offers a range of charging stations for every location: at home, at work or in public areas. Each of our products has different features that makes them ideal for each use.






Heger-eu s.r.o. offers a wide range of services for your charging points, from smart charging to back-end management and remote control of charging stations. In addition, our company also provides service and maintenance of charging stations throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
HEVN software offers the following features:
Full insight of charging activity
Control of access to charging points and configuration of operating hours
Remote Assistance
Instant overview of all charging stations