Charging at home
If you want to charge your company electric car quickly and safely at home, Heger-eu s.r.o. offers great quality charging stations. With HEVN chargers, you can automatically charge the electricity costs to your employer while ensuring that your car’s battery is always fully charged.

Charging at work
The charging stations in your place of business are a great additional service not only for the customers but also for employees. Heger-eu s.r.o. has a wide range of solutions suitable for every  company and their needs.

Charging in parking garages
With fast growing number of electric vehicle owners, parking garages are more and more adapted to serve as electric charging stations as well. Heger-eu s.r.o. provides a number of solutions to create charging points for any size of the parking garage.

Charging in public car parks
For use in city or public car parks where a robust and durable charging station is required, Heger-eu s.r.o. developed HEVN CITY charger. This model has been specially designed for installation in public areas