Suitable for every electric car
HEVN chargers are suitable for every electric car, therefore you can always count on a charged battery whether it is at home, at the office or in public areas. “We’ll charge your car if you’re doing anything at all”:
work, sleep, eat, sport, or watch a movie ……
As a standard all HEVN charging stations are installed with short-circuit protection

Approved and certified
The control unit of HEVN charging stations are certified to EN61851-42

High quality components
The HEVN charging stations are made from high quality components that are tested and certified by the renowned European manufacturers, which guarantees a high-quality charging station that is exceptionally durable and reliable

Why buy a charging station?
The HEVN charging station is more than just an electrical plug and offers a number of important features. It is safer, faster and gives you an overview of consumption and usage for billing purposes. Heger-eu s.r.o. offers a convenient charging station for every location, it’s up to you where you want to install it