HEVN Home is a simple and small charging station with modern finish, designed for home installation. It is a compact wall charger with an integrated detector for DC current issues. HEVN Home can be supplied with a socket or charging cable according to your type of an electric car.

Additional or optional accessories:
Charging cable length either 5m or 8m
User ID
Software to track the operational cost
Module monitoring the maximum usage in relation to other appliances plugged in
Module monitoring operation only at night time
External socket / cable module for outdoor installations
Certified electric meter to monitor vehicle consumption
Choice of colors free of charge

Output 3.5 to 22 Kwh
Current detection
Cable lock to protect disconnecting during the changing
Current optimization according to battery status
Dimensions 45 cm x 260 cm x 220 cm
Supply cable CYKY 5×5
Fuse 10 – 32A 400V
Steel housing resistant to mechanical damage

Always charge at maximum power
HEVN Home can adapt its charging capacity, that means that it always charges at the maximum power at that moment. To minimize the total charging costs the charger can be set to charge at “night current” only. It’s also possible to optimize the maximum current used by the charger in the whole complex or project


hevn wall


hevn city white


hevn cyklo box