Infrastructure of public charging stations
More and more cities and municipalities have seen an increase in electrical mobility and are planning on building a reliable network of charging stations, which is a very important step towards reducing CO2 emissions.

Progressive solution
By building an infrastructure of charging stations in a city, the people are encouraged to move on to electrical mobility. This initiative will increase the number of electric vehicle users, which will significantly reduce the emissions of harmful gases in the city and contribute to cleaner air. In short, electrical mobility contributes to improving the environment.

Professional service and management
Heger-eu s.r.o. not only offers to supply the charging stations to your city, but also offers complete management of the infrastructure. Our professional team provides expertise and reliable service for any project.

Knowledge and professionalism
Heger-eu s.r.o. has been engaged in electromobility for several years and has been working with companies in the USA and Canada. Thanks to many years of experience, team of Heger-eu s.r.o. has a great knowledge not only about charging electric vehicles, but also about the charging networks and always ready to help you with any solution to your electromobility.

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