Suitable charging stations for parking garages
The HEVN charging stations are suitable for any electric vehicle. This ensures the usability of charging stations for all users without the difference of the vehicle being charged. HEVN charging stations are available in different charging capacities and with various functions, thanks to which they can meet all the requirements to operate in parking garages.

Remote access and administration
Smart Chargers HEVN provide access to data about charging status and power consumption. You can remotely manage authorization, add or remove users and manage charging hours. All can be done using a LAN or LTE modem cable.

Payment for usage
With the HEVN charging stations you can choose how to get paid for used power automatically over the internet. This way you get the money you invested into the charging stations back.

Efficient connections and smart charging
Double charging stations HEVN are able to distribute available power capacity. This means that a high-performance charging station can be connected to a cost effective electrical system. If two vehicles are connected at the same time to one charging station and they require more power than can be supplied by the electrical system, the charging station will automatically distribute the power for both vehicles based on the setup done by the operator of the charging stations.