CYKLO BOX is a practical solution to safely store and attach your battery charger to a 220V power source and also for storing a backpack or a helmet.

Each stand has two independent lockable cabinets that are equipped with an electrical socket for the charger. There is also anchored steel cable to secure the bike against the theft. The cable is long enough to go through the front and rear wheel at the same time and secure both ends in the locked space. Both sides of the stand have bicycle supports, which can be also used for additional security cable and lock in case you want to use your own cable as a dual security.

The electrical socket inside of the cabinet is only activated only when you insert a chip and the door is locked, making an unauthorized use impossible and at the same time protecting the contents of the cabinet from being stolen.

Two styles
For installation in the open space, the doors are located one on each side of the stand
For one side access only the doors are located on the same side of the stand.

CYKLO BOX made by Heger-eu s.r.o. can be installed either inside or outside. Each box can be equipped with a USB socket for charging smartphone and with an RFID lock


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