Because electric cars have high capacity batteries, they are usually charged continuously for several hours. When you use the standard cable supplied by the manufacturer, the vehicle draws the maximum amount of power the socket can deliver during charging, which leads to uncontrolled and more excessive power usage. This might also cause the fuses to trip, or in a worst case it might cause a fire. The HEVN charging stations are specially designed to provide a controlled charge of an electric car for few hours, they are very reliable and work much safer without any risks.

Faster charging
The standard 230V socket offers a limited amount of power, this means that charging an electric vehicle battery takes longer. Charging cars equipped with a high capacity battery through a classic socket is virtually impossible. Because our HEVN charging stations are specially designed to recharge an electric vehicle, they have better performance which leads to faster charging. Depending on the connection type our charging stations can recharge your electric vehicle two to ten times faster than a conventional socket

Possibility to get reimbursed for the cost of recharging
If you charge your corporate car at home and you want to get paid for electricity by your employer, or if you install a charging station in your office building and want users to pay for the power they used, we have a software application for a detailed overview of each recharging. The HEVN charging stations offer the option to determine who can access each unit and at what time frame by using RFID cards.

Which charging station is best for you?
Heger-eu s.r.o. offers a convenient charging station for every location, whether it’s at home, in an office, in a parking garage or in common areas. HEVN units are suitable for any use. Would you like to know which charging station is best suited to your needs? Our specialists are available for your personal consultation.