If you charge your company car at home or have installed a charge station that is publicly accessible, you will probably want to get paid for the used electricity. Thanks to HEVN smart chargers, the solution is very easy.

The smart chargers from Heger-eu s.r.o are equipped with a communication module that allows you to connect to the online control platform. This means you can manage your charging station anytime and anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or a computer.

Service and maintenance
HEVN charging stations are developed and manufactured locally from high quality components. The HEVN charging stations guarantee that your car battery will be always fully charged. If you for any reason cannot charge your battery, or if you need to repair your charging station or need spare parts, or just have questions about the functionality of the station, Heger-eu s.r.o is always here to provide all info and services.

EU grant
You might be eligible for a grant offered by European Union or Czech government while purchasing an electric vehicle or one of our charging stations HEVN.

eu grant