Certified power meter
High frequency charging station HEVN are equipped with electrometers that monitor the power consumption. This is ideal for people who drive company cars, charge them at home and get reimbursed by the employer. Or for the owners of parking places to get paid by the clients for the used electricity. Heger-eu s.r.o. uses the highest quality certified meters that can transfer the data  directly to the employer, accountant or the income tax office.

Reimbursement for used electricity at home
With HEVN charging stations it’s easy to get reimbursed for the power you use at home to charge the company electric car. It can be done automatically over the cloud, the data are automatically sent to the leasing company or the employer for billing.

Get your money you invested back
If you purchase a charging station and offer car charging in your company or in a public place, you can get paid by each user for the cost of electricity used and recover this way your investments in the charging infrastructure. HEVN CLOUD offers different billing options that suits you the best.